To change the world, we must live and work

where inclusion, potential, courage, and purpose meet.

I inspire people to build courageous, creative, compassionate, and inclusive communities so they can make strong offers that change the world


because we all have unique contributions to make and sometimes we need help to
show up fully in our life and work

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We can’t afford to have people “hold back” their greatest gifts and deepest wisdom.

I help individuals and organizations recognize their deep intrinsic worth so they can create inclusive communities that change lives. Because to change the world, we must live and work where inclusion, potential, and courage meet.

I’m a writer. I tell stories and I teach. I stand up for social justice and work to build a more inclusive future. After working with me, you will think differently about yourself and the world around you. 

Who is Patti Digh?

She is a writer with roots in the American South. Her writing explores the quality of engagement between people, and the ways we can live more fully and make a difference in the lives of others and in the world around us.

She is a speaker who uses her Southern roots to create memorable speeches using storytelling, the lifeblood of the South.

Patti is considered an expert in the fields of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Through her “Art of Inclusion” and “Art of Activism” organizations, she teaches organizations and individuals to become more inclusive.

And she is a community-builder, linking people around the world who share common interests and concerns, in her classes and in events like Life is a Verb Camp.

At the intersection of everything she does is story.
“Patti’s work and energy are some of the most powerful I’ve encountered. I attended her Life is a Verb Camp and felt like the furniture in my heart got rearranged. Big BIG shifts. Creative shifts. Gorgeous reconnection to who I am at my core.” -Tea Silvestre Godfrey
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Richard Cohen
"Patti Digh's earth element must be fire. And one of the best things about fire is that it's honest."